Energy + Land Services

Your partner in the energy sector.

Right of Way Services is about one thing — procurement. It's our job to assist in the delivery of real property rights for your pipeline, transmission facility, well location, valve site, or refinery. This is a complex process that involves navigating government regulations, face-to-face interactions with land owners, and most importantly, the accurate valuation and exchange of real estate. As oil and gas industry veterans, we understand the value of maintaining an amicable relationship between land owners and corporations. Right of Way Services is here to deliver for you, the right way.

Energy + Land Services Include:

•    Due Diligence
•    Title Research
•    Title Curative
•    Lease Availability Survey
•    Mineral Takeoffs
•    Exploration/Development Lease Negotiations
•    Mineral Right Acquisition
•    Right-of-Way Acquisition
•    Project Administration/Management/Support
•    Document Recordation & Data Management
•    Permitting
•    GIS Geomatics, Surveys & Mapping
•    Agricultural Consulting
•    Silvicultural Consulting
•    Real Property Appraisal
•    Subject Matter Experts & Litigation Support
•    All duties customarily a part of the energy land function