Right of Way Services

the Right team. The right way. 

Right of Way, the namesake of our business, is the complex process of acquiring private land for public use. This insures the uninterrupted delivery of goods and services, from roads and highways to electricity and gas. Right of Way Services is here to deliver for you, the right way.

Right of Way Services Include:

•    GIS Mapping
•    Route Analysis/Identification
•    Project Alignment Cost Analysis
•    Strategic Planning
•    Project Administration/Management/Support
•    Due Diligence
•    Permitting
•    Limited Title Certificates
•    Document Preparation
•    Document Recordation  
•    Data Entry & Management
•    Acquisition & Negotiation
•    Relocation Services
•    Real Property Appraisal
•    Agricultural Consulting
•    Silvicultural Consulting
•    Business Valuation
•    Subject Matter Experts & Litigation Support
•    Construction Observation and Damage Settlement
•    All duties customarily a part of the right-of-way function